“Public markets can spark urban revitalization, foster community diversity, and improve public health.

Across the globe, we’re on the verge of a new era of market cities, with expansive networks to connect people and places.

Introducing The Alta Loma Packing House

Built in 1926 as a citrus packing house, the property sits in the heart of beautiful Rancho Cucamonga (in the Alta Loma community), at the center of the 21 mile Pacific Electric walking, running equestrian and bicycle trail.

Conveniently accessible from busy Baseline Road, the Alta Loma Packing House will be a catalyst of gentrification for the area while celebrating and preserving community heritage.

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This underutilized warehouse will be repurposed into a thriving business center and public market style destination, a trending and proven profitable concept.

Bike Rentals, Retail, Live Music & Events
Microbrewery Bar and Wine Vendors
Original/Trendy Eateries & Café Lounge
Creative Shared Coworking Offices
Total Building Area Square Feet
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